Operations and Training

We're looking at ways our training and operations can mitigate exposures. 


New Engines
and Ladder Trucks

BFD is in the process of upgrading its fleet, with new engines, trucks and ladders being placed into service through 2019. Engines will include foam bladders as well other safety features. A robust apparatus committee is dedicated to procuring the safest equipment possible for our firefighters.

Changes in Tactics: Using Foam

BFD is incorporating the use of foam into its operations. On dumpster and car fires, foam will be used to quickly put out a fire from a safe distance, lessening exposures for firefighters. Foam will be used whenever possible on other types of fires as well. 


A Back-to-Basics program at the fire academy: A full first alarm assignment reports to the fire academy and conducts hoseline operations, search, Mayday, and rapid intervention team operations, all under live fire.

On-Scene Air Testing

Safety chiefs are tasked with testing air quality throughout and after a working fire. These readings are used to determine when firefighters can safely remove their facepieces.

Mullane Symposium

With Local 718 and the IAFF, we host a health and safety symposium.