PPE and Gear

Proper PPE can protect us. 



Each BFD firefighter has 2 sets of NFPA compliant gear. Each set of gear is thoroughly inspected each year, as part of an NFPA 1851-compliant inspection and cleaning program. BFD has mandated the use of hoods for thermal and carcinogen exposure reduction. 

Industrial Cleaners

In partnership with Kathy Crosby-Bell and the Last Call Foundation, extractors have been installed in every firehouse. The extractors give members another option to clean their gear. Firefighters can now choose to clean their gear themselves or send it out to be cleaned.

PPE Research

BFD studies its current and future PPE and other gear. Working with manufacturers, BFD researches and field tests gear qualities and attributes such as fit, fabric, durability, and thermal protection levels.

45-Minute Bottles

BFD has increased its air capacity by 50%, from a 30-minute bottle to a 45-minute bottle.The longer air supply keeps firefighters on air, reducing the need to preserve or save air supplies.